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  • Our WebSphere ​​expertise enables us to quickly deliver an attractive, intuitive and personalized online experience for employees, partners and customers, both on the web and on any other device. The result: a better adoption, higher satisfaction and ultimately more return on your investment in the portal.


    WebSphere Portal provides users via a single logon access to exactly those applications, that services, that information and those social connections they need at that specific moment. This proven platform helps to increase productivity, to reduce operating costs and to provide a broad set of functionality. 

    The IBM WebSphere platform brings reliability, security, scalability, and allows us to easily integrate with existing systems thanks to the support of open standards. Being the front end platform for most of IBM's other software products it integrates seamless with for example IBM Connections or IBM Coremetrics.

  • IBM Web Content Manager is designed to accelerate digital content development and deployment through every digital channel. It enables end-users to create, manage and publish content using advanced personalization techniques, while IT retains control. State of the art Web Content Management as far as we are concerned.

    Content managers can work simultaneously on multiple content projects and bring it live on scheduled dates. There is a wide variety of page templates available allowing business users to create new pages faster. Approval workflows can be set on the type of content or the place on the page.

    IBM Web Content Manager provides the right information to the right audience when needed and on every type of device. Setting up an attractive online experience across all digital channels has never been easier, especially when combined with WebSphere Portal is designed to provide a personal Web Experience.

  • Social software enables companies to share knowledge and to find new ways to collaborate within and outside the walls of your organization. Social software ensures that people are more productive, are better informed, are up-to-speed quickly and that is knowledge is being leveraged when someone leaves the company.

    IBM Connections is a leading social business software platform that can help you to create involvement form the right people, to accelerate innovation, to discover knowledge and to deliver results. This integrated, highly secure platform helps people to engage in expert networks in context of critical business processes.

    Now everyone can act with confidence and anticipate and respond quickly to new opportunities. The user is always confident to dispose of the right information, in the right context. By injecting into IBM Connections WebSphere Portal everybody can collaborate easily. Any time, any place, any device.

  • Many of the Web applications we build land on Mobile devices, we either build them native, hybrid or responsive. We believe in a multi-device approach for the design and development of our portal apps. We always strive for an optimal user experience, regardless of the device which accesses the portal and how this is being operated; by mouse or by hand.

    A web app is a mobile version of a website with the most important parts shown. A native app is (partly) installed on the device itself, including visual and navigational structure. Native apps can use all the functionalities of the device, such as GPS, camera, gyroscope, etc.. Hybrid apps are native apps in which part of the content is filled by a website.


    The end-to-end mobile delivery spectrum consists of connectivity, user interaction, access and identity management, platform and application development, versioning, distribution mechanisms, mobile security, offline availability and Mobile Device Management. Together with IBM, we are able to provide the entire spectrum, it's becoming a platform itself.
  • Portal management


    Is your portal lively and constantly adapting to changing circumstances? We make this happen through goal-focused service delivery and effective change management.

    Release management


    Our structured, repeatable, and proven approach to portal management ensures that you adapt quickly to changing business needs in a cost-effective way.

    Support and maintenance

    Our highly skilled service desk, the infrastructure management team, our proactive maintenance, and dedication to deliver high quality portal infrastructures are at your disposal. We unburden.

  • IBM licensing 

    IBM Software can be licensed in many ways. We help our clients to find that way of licensing that best suits their particular business model.
    Studying the IBM terms & conditions can be quite time consuming and complex. Finding out the best way to license IBM software and staying compliant can therefore be complex as well.

    Funatic is an IBM Premier Business Partner and is certified to advice and deliver on a wide range of IBM licenses, like;


    - WebSphere

    - Collaboration Solutions

    - Rational

    - Business Analytics

    - Information Management

    - Security Systems

    - Industry Solutions

    Trusted advisor

    We advise our clients on the acquisition, maintenance and optimization of their IBM Passport Advantage software contracts. We also supply the required IBM software licenses and take care of the annual renewals. We help in becoming and staying compliant and therefore act as a thrusted advisor for all IBM licensing questions, a one stop shop.

  • Why Quality Assurance

    End user satisfaction is closely linked to the quality of the Portal applications offered in relation to the overall state of the Portal platform itself. It is therefore important to constantly be aware of the quality offered to the end user. In general, poorly developed applications have a major impact on all portal quality aspects.. 

    Quality aspects
    1. Performance; does the user experience it as fast enough?
    2. Usability; are the applications presented user-friendly?
    3. Security; is the Portal accessible in a safe manner?
    4. Architecture; is the Portal designed and managed right?
    5. Manageability; are there any excessive efforts needed?

    User acceptance and satisfaction is largely determined by the response times of the provided system. Research shows that a response time of 0.1 seconds is perceived as swift, after 1 second the user experiences a delay and after 10 seconds he or she pulls out. There are many factors in the chain affecting the response time, we help you manage them.

  • The use of cloud computing has been growing for years. It provides companies with new ways to flexibly support the delivery of their services. Cloud is often being used in areas very close to our personal lives; most probably around 80% of the apps running on your smartphone, tablet and television are delivered as cloud applications. 


    What about cloud?

    Gartner describes cloud computing as a style of computing in which scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered “as a service” using Internet technologies. It has become a hot industry term that has been used in many contradictory ways, old wine in new bags some may say?

    Which cloud to think about?

    There are several public, private or hybrid cloud options which could be considered; 

    - Software as a Service (Saas)
    - Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    - Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


    We advise on IBM Cloud solutions, delivered by IBM Softlayer.

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